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No.12 #YDSD 2016 July 2nd
New Venue & New Date
Register between
12:00 - 1:30 Contest begins promptly at 1:30pm
(Learn Tricks/Met-Up/Jam Session - Before the Contest - Museum Opens at 10am)
E3 Children's Museum
302 N. Orchard Farmington, New Mexico

Special Thanks to the 2016

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Yo Down Show Down 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 Yo Down Show Down Winners!

2015 Advanced Division
1st Place
Keyshawn Yazzie (
2 Person Duel Winners)
2nd Place
Dominic Abbott (2 Person Duel Winners)
3rd Place Kenisha Yazzie
4th Place Ventura A

+ Open Division
1st Place Daniel Flores
2nd Place Veronica Flores
3rd Place Trevor Adakai

9-14 Junior Division
1st Place Asa White

8 and Under
1st Place Logan Bates
2nd Place Seanna Sylvester

New Venue & New Date
Register between 4:30 - 5:30 Contest begins promptly at 5:45
(Learn Tricks/Met-Up/Jam Session - Before the Contest 1:30)
Farmington Museum
3041 E. Main Farmington, New Mexico

Special Thanks to the 2015

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2013 Yo Down Show Down Winners

Congratulations to the 2013 Yo Down Show Down Winners!

2012 Yo Down Show Down Winners

2012 Advanced Division 2 Person Duel Winners
1st Place Dominic Abbott
2nd Place Justin Ulibarri

9-14 Junior Division
1st Place Monica Mossburg
2nd Place Tyler Blevins
3rd Place Aiyana Austin

Shannon Jackson AllYoYo Team Guest Yo Down Show Down Judge 2012

11th Annual
Yo Down Show Down

Free to Enter! July 3rd
Register between 4:30 - 5:30 Contest begins promptly at 5:45

Bring a yo-yo and Learn Contest Tricks on July 3rd at 1:30 at the Farmington Museum 3041 E. Main Street in Farmington, New Mexico. (505) 599-1174


1) Tricks are attempted in order. If an initial attempt of a trick is unsuccessful a second attempt will be allowed. If the contestant accomplishes the trick on the first try they are given a score of (5); if the make it on the second attempt they are awarded a score of (3). Contestant is retired if unable to perform trick on second attempt. Contestant with highest number of points wins. In case of  tie contestants move to tiebreaker.

Yo-yo must be caught in the hand and not trapped against the body.

If 6 inches of string remains outside the yo-yo on completion of a trick; it is considered as a miss. No roll ups or wind ups.

) Any throw made in the the trick circle/box is considered an attempt.

Only the following tricks may be done while the contestant is on deck (next to compete) outside the trick circle box (throw-down, sleeper, forward pass, single loop, string adjustment (excluding flying saucer if it is to be performed as the next trick in the competition).

The same yo-yo must be used through-out the competition for all compulsory tricks. No rigging the string between tricks is allowed other than adjustment of string tension. The judge may allow the contestant to switch yo-yo's or replace string in the event of string breakage or knots.

Repetitions of tricks may be adjusted by the judge based on the skill level of the contestants.

Winner is determined by the highest number points received by completing tricks.

All judges decisions are final.

10) Have fun!

Note: Winners from this year’s contest must move to next level of competition if they compete in 2013. 

Beginner Division (8 & Under)

1. Gravity Pull (dropped and caught with hand in a palm-down position)
2. Throw-down (thrown down from a palm-up position, caught with palm down)

3. Forward pass (palm up catch)

4. One Outside Loop

5. One Hop the Fence

Tie Breaker: sudden death Dribble contest (all contestants dribble while the judge instructs tied contestants to do something else such as pat your head, hop on one foot, etc.

(Novice) Junior: Ages 9 years old to 14 Senior: 15 Years old and over

1. Sleeper (at least 5 seconds) (Sleeper Video File)
2. Forward Pass
3. Over the Falls
4. Breakaway
5. Walk the Dog (at least 6 inches)
(Walk the Dog Video File)
6. Rock the Baby (one full rock back and forth)
(Rock the Baby Video File)
7. Around the World (1 revolutions on one throw)
8. Inside Loop the Loop (5 repetitions)
Tiebreakers: (1) Man on the Trapeze (flip- overs allowed), (2) Loop off.

New Rules for the 2016 Advanced Competition
Once there are the final three players left from the trick ladder there is a 1 minute freestyle. The winner is selected by audience applause. The freestyle is open to any type of play and is an opportunity to demonstrate a minute of your best string slinging. If the audience response is the same for two players ties will be broken using the either sudden death tiebreakers or a final :30 seconds of freestyle string slinging.

(Advanced All Ages –
Adv. Contest only held if there are 3 or more players.)

1. Sleeper (at least 5 seconds)
(Sleeper Video File)
Around the World
3. Rock the Baby
(Rock the Baby Video File)
4. Elevator
5. Tower aka Eiffel
6. Man on the Trapeze (flip- overs allowed)
7. Double or Nothing (Double or Nothing Video File)
8. Gerbil aka Skin the Gerbil  (Gerbil Video)
9. Split the Atom - split mount/ 2 undercuts/ 3 somersaults)
10. Spirit Bomb
 (Spirit Bomb Video)

Sudden Death Tiebreakers:
Brent Stole GT Laceration (B
rent Stole Video File)
(1) Black Hops
(Black Hops Video File)
Shoot the Moon (highest repetition count)
9 Frames (9 Frames Video)

2011 Advanced Division Winners of the 7th Yo Down Show Down
1st Place Shannon Jackson (Arizona)
2nd Place Orville Billie (New Mexico)
3rd Place Dominic Abbott (New Mexico)

Special Thanks to Vulto Yo-Yos, Duncan Yo-Yos, and Yomega for the 2011 support!

6th Yo Down Show Down 2010 Winners
Special Thanks to Yomega, Vulto YoYos, Duncan and YoYoFactory!