Luke Renner String Slinger

Have Yo-Yo - Will Travel... Anywhere in the World...

Luke Renner Photograph by Mr. Tony Bennett (c) 2010

"...Luke Renner and his yo-yos had both young and old spell bound as he whirled those yo-yos round and round." - Our Lady of the Desert Monastery

Luke Renner and the Giant Green Yo-Yo of Orlando, FloridaFrom out of the Southwest comes the yo-yo’s and magic of Luke Renner, whose performances are a combination of two ancient forms of entertainment that culminate into a complete extravaganza. The show brings to life fantastic feats of conjuring along with expert skill on a string to captivate the attention of any audience. Luke Renner will plunge them into a world where magic co-exists with the physical marvels of one of the world’s oldest toys.

Mr. Renner has over 18 years of performance experience from the streets of Berlin to the coasts of California, and has taught others the art of yo-yo’s & magic. The show normally lasts for an hour; however arrangements may be made in advance to fit specific special events.
Past performances have drawn crowds at libraries, museums, concerts, and in store yo-yo product promotions to list a few.


Booking now for 2016   

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Yo-Yo Trivia: Yo-yos were once a toy of nobility. Yo-yo players included
Marie Antoinette and the King of France Louis XVI's son Dauphin Louis Charles.